I Can Show You How to Make Flying FREE a Lifestyle for Your Family...

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese

Do you wish you could make more amazing travel "moments" with your family before your kids leave home for good?

I can show you how to eliminate your No. 1 travel cost, AIRFARE, for your entire family, not just once, but FOREVER in just a few simple steps...

I've helped hundreds of families to make flying free a lifestyle, using my simple process.

I want to help your family, too, so you can take up to 6 times the vacations every year, flying free (and staying free!) to places like Hawaii, Disney, the Caribbean and Europe with very little time and effort, making those precious "moments" your kids will remember for a lifetime!


Hi! I'm Lyn Mettler

I've created a simple process to help families easily fly free, not just once but as a lifestyle, using the methods my family has followed since 2015!

Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let's talk about WHO this program is designed for...

  • You're a parent who wants to show your kids the world but your budget doesn't allow you to travel as much as you'd like.
  • You'd love to have someone to check with to make sure you're not making a mistake.
  • You're willing to plan ahead and do some homework to make this easy and effortless
  • You're worried that time is running out to travel before your kids leave home for good.

If any of the above sound like you, my program is designed for you.

*Even if you didn't know flying free was a possibility, this program is for you!

Here's What You Get When You Join

✅ My
How to Fly Your Family Free Process

A short, 5-video online course that shows you my EXACT proprietary process for flying families free.

✅ 1-on-1 HELP: Video Consults + Weekly Live Webinars

After you understand the process, we'll chat about your family's goals and unique situation on a personal video (or phone) call. Then, schedule a check-in video consult up to once a quarter for any questions that come up.

You also have the opportunity to attend weekly LIVE webinars to ask any questions that arise.

✅ Personalized Fly Free Plan for YOUR Family

I'll craft a plan specific to your family with step-by-step instructions that you can take immediately to begin flying free on 1 of 4 US airlines to destinations in the U.S., Caribbean and Europe as quickly as possible and continue to do so as a lifestyle.

✅ Ongoing, Updated Information You Need to KEEP Flying Free

To continue to fly free month after month, you'll need some KEY information to stretch your miles and points and keep your frequent flyer balances full. You'll have access to...

  • Real-time text alerts with only the news you NEED to know
  • Step-by-step courses to get you to family-friendly destinations like Disney, Hawaii, Europe, the Caribbean and more
  • 12 months of themed content with weekly live webinars on topics like staying free in hotels, saving money in Hawaii, tips for traveling to Disney, flying Southwest Airlines and more
  • Extensive video library and members-only podcast to delve deeper into travel saving topics
  • A mobile app to easily access all information on the go


As soon as you join, you have access to our vault, which includes these courses and videos and MANY MORE...

  • How to Easily Fly Your Family Free Forever (Lyn's proprietary process)
  • How to Fly Free to & Stay Free in Hawaii
  • How to Book Free Hotel Stays
  • How to Fly a Family to Europe on Miles
  • Earning Your Southwest Companion Pass in 2021
  • Getting Started With Travel Credit Cards
  • Inside Tips for Visiting National Parks With Former Park Ranger Ash Nudd
  • Disney World Tips & Tricks With Annual Pass Holder Jered K.
  • Road Trip Ideas With the Families Fly Free Team
  • Introduction to Chase Ultimate Rewards

After Joining Families Fly Free, You'll Have...

  • A step-by-step roadmap specific to your family to start your journey of flying free
  • A way to ALWAYS keep your points balances full with minimal time and effort (less than 30 minutes a week)
  • My simple, specific method to fly your family free anywhere in the US (including Disney and Hawaii!), the Caribbean and Europe
  • My simple, specific method to stay free in hotels
  • 2-3 main loyalty programs that you will focus on
  • Ideas for WHERE to travel with your family over the next year

I believe in my program SO much that I GUARANTEE you'll earn AT LEAST the cost of your membership in free flights or I'll hand you $1,000!

Terms: In order to get your airline gift card, you must demonstrate you have followed the instructions in the program but have not been able to earn $1,000 (or the amount you paid for your 1-year membership in the program, whichever is less) in free flights. Free flights include actual flights taken or the equivalent value in miles/points at their current value. You must be in the program for 12 months and payment plan members must have completed all 12 monthly payments before requesting a gift card. Maximum gift card value is $1,000.


"Thanks to Lyn, our family of 4 has made multiple trips over the past couple of years for nearly nothing. With her amazing help and tips, we've taken trips for free that we would have paid for and taken some we wouldn’t have been able to go on." 

- Lynsie C.

"It feels like Lyn is my personal friend who helps me plan vacations."

- Cathy S.

"We've been able to fly our family to 4 destinations so far and we still have rewards points left. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 🙏🏻

- Jen W.


How long do I have access to the program?

You are purchasing a year-long membership to FAMILIES FLY FREE, granting you a full 12 months of access.

How much time should I expect your process to take?

Once you learn my process, you'll be able to keep your points balances full and your family flying free in more than 30 minutes each week.

Do I need to be tech savvy to take full advantage of FAMILIES FLY FREE?

Nope! As long as you can click play on a video or download a PDF, you're good to go 😃. We've intentionally designed the program to be EXTREMELY user friendly and easy to find what you need all in ONE place. No searching Google for hours and stressing that you missed some important bit of information!

Is FAMILIES FLY FREE only for those who are beginners at flying free?

Not at all, though there is plenty of content inside designed to help those who are new to learning how to fly free. In fact, those who sometimes collect points or even longtime "travel hackers" are often surprised to find a better, more efficient process to help make flying free a lifestyle and not just a free trip here and there. You'll learn not just how to collect points, but how to STRETCH your points to take MORE trips, a key part that many people miss.

Intermediate or advanced "travel hackers" will find lots of valuable features, including one-on-one consults, a lifetime process mapped specifically for YOUR family, real-time text alerts of ONLY the information you need, a vast travel video library, as well as inspiration for where to travel next, detailed destination itineraries, live weekly webinars and so much more...

What if I don't travel frequently or am not traveling much right now?

If you're not traveling right now, this is the BEST time to get all your "ducks in a row" and a plan in place for where you want to travel with your family and HOW you will fly there FREE. You can also be earning tons of miles and points from home right now (you don't have to fly to earn frequent flyer miles!) for future free flights and stays, whether they will be next month or next year.

What's new each month inside FAMILIES FLY FREE?

Every month, we add LOTS of new travel content designed to help you delve more deeply into a specific travel topic like planning your dream trip to Hawaii, the Southwest Companion Pass, travel credit cards and more.

We host live webinars weekly that are also recorded for later viewing, including:

  • Ask Lyn Anything Live Q&As
  • Themed topics like flying free to Hawaii, travel to Disney, planning a dream trip to Europe and more!
  • Roundtable discussions with our team, so you can hear from other families who fly free
  • Getting Started webinars for newbies and more!

Each month, we'll also share tips for visiting our favorite destinations, add new itineraries, provide travel tools like packing lists and create EXCLUSIVE new podcasts.

A Note From Lyn...

"The time is NOW to start planning MORE travel for your family. These precious years go by SO fast!"

It's hard to believe I now have a junior in high school and one in middle school. Time is ticking for us to be able to take trips as a family...

I am SO glad I discovered this amazingly simple way to always have points in my account ready to book my family on a flight across the US, Caribbean and Europe at any time, and I want to share it with you!

Flashback to 2014 when my family was taking only 1-2 car trips a year. These days, in a normal year, we fly SIX times a year and have exposed our kids to places we never dreamed.

Things like seeing the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, swimming with stingrays, hiking the Rocky Mountains, discovering America's National Parks, seeing the Statue of David and the Mona Lisa...

Don't waste another second paying more than you should for travel. My wish for you is that you'll be able to take all the trips of your family's dreams and make this your permanent lifestyle just like ours!


Still have questions? Book a mini-session with Lyn before you join HERE!

Ready to join now? Click below to get started traveling free ASAP...